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The Digital Marketing Podcast by Mandar Marathe covers diverse topics related to Online Marketing. Right from Social Media Marketing, Content Marketing, Conversion Optimisation to SEO, Paid Search and everything in between, I share all the knowledge I have acquired and taught over the past 11 years.

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Recent Podcast Episodes

S1E30 – Interview with Lindsey Bnadad, Senior Marketing Strategist at iHeartMedia

Lindsey Bnadad builds marketing partnerships on behalf of iHeartMedia. She works with partners at the local, regional and national levels to put their brands in front of people and to … Read More

S1E29 – Interview with Billy Attar, Head of Growth at Orbs (Hybrid Blockchain)

Billy Attar is the Head of Growth at Orbs, which raised $120 million for its blockchain, for the past 1.5 years. Before that, he spent 4 years heading up the … Read More

S1E28 – How to grow your podcast audience using SEO and Social Media

To grow your podcast audience, you need to focus on these 6 tips 1. Title of the podcast: Apple iTunes and Google Play give a lot of importance to the … Read More

S1E27 – 3 Digital Marketing Skills to have in 2019

You need to have these 3 digital marketing skills in 2019: 1. Content creation: You should have the ability to produce quality content. Whether it is writing blogs, producing podcasts … Read More

S1E26 – Interview with Nitin Manchanda, Former Global SEO Head at Trivago

Nitin Manchanda is a developer who turned into SEO and is now responsible for the organic visibility of Berlin based travel startup, Omio (formerly GoEuro), across the globe. In the … Read More

S1E25 – Interview on Video Marketing with Zain Siddiqui of Wicked Broz

Zain Siddiqui is a trainer at Digital Vidya and has conducted digital marketing workshops for startups and entrepreneurs. He is also a co-founder of Wicked Broz, which is India’s premier graffiti … Read More

S1E24 – The ideal SEO URL structure for e-commerce websites

eCommerce websites have a lot of pages. Look at Amazon or Flipkart, you will see that they sell products under hundreds of categories and 1000’s of sub-categories. For example Electronics … Read More

S1E23 – Why you need to use the LinkedIn lead gen form

LinkedIn is a B2B gold mine. It’s where most Fortune 500 decision-makers and executives like to spend their spare time. The best part? More often than not, they’re actually scrolling … Read More

S1E22 – 6 Reasons Why You Need To Use Facebook Lead Ads

As of January 2019, the highest number is India at 300 million users. The United States is a bit further behind at 210 million users. An overwhelming majority of Facebook users … Read More

S1E21 – Interviewing Tokopedia’s Product Manager, Tarun Valecha

In this episode of The Digital Marketing Podcast, I have a free wheeling conversation with Tarun Valecha, Product Manager at Tokopedia, Indonesia’s biggest Internet company.  We speak about the e-commerce … Read More

S1E20 – Why you should produce less content

There is already too much content out there. There are 1 Billion Blogs – 1 blog for every 7 people on earth. Its already a saturated market for textual content. … Read More

S1E19 – How to choose the right agency to market your business

Before answering the question, you should really consider one of the two options. Option 1: You have less time to manage your business but have more money Option 2: You … Read More

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