S1E40 – How to start a Podcast

Why should you podcast?

  • The rise of audio & podcasting – 51% Americans have listened to a podcast atleast once. According to Statista, 90 million Americans have listened to a podcast in 2019. This case is true for China and other South East Asian countries too. I do not have stats about growth of podcasts in India

What should you speak about?

  • Understand who is your target audience
  • What’s their broad area of interest
  • Identify Topics & Sub-topics and list them down for future reference
  • Competition Research – See which other podcasts exist in your niche and try to learn from them. What kind of content are they creating, how are they promoting their content etc.
  • Setup a publishing calendar – Before you start recording a podcast you need to have a calendar in place to organize yourself. This will help in devising a marketing strategy for episodes you will be recording.

Recording your podcast

  • Essential equipment for podcasting – phone, microphone, laptop,
  • I record using a mobile phone with the Anchor.fm app
  • Make sure you record the Intro & Conclusion segments first so that they can be used consistently across all other podcast episodes.
  • I Interview guests using Zoom meetings
  • Podcast Art –  You need to have your podcast in a marketable condition. Create cover photo, episode art using Canva.
  • You can also record video for YouTube / Facebook / Instagram and then extract the audio.
  • You can also convert episode introduction snippet to video with wave forms & text sub-titles. Anchor.fm does this for segments < 1 minute
  • Create website / blog pages for your podcast & SEO them

Editing your podcast

I do not edit my podcasts and mostly keep them impromptu. You can use some video / audio editing studio (VideoPad Video Editor) to edit your episode.

Hosting your podcast

  • I host my podcast with LibSyn.com – Its a paid service at $6/mo.
  • You can also host with Anchor.fm for free.

Distributing your podcast

  • On Social Media channels – LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, Quora
  • On Podcast sites – iTunes, Google Play, TuneIn, iHeartRadio, Stitcher, Spotify, Anchor.fm etc. This is done directly while I publish my podcast episode on LibSyn.
  • Create Video for YouTube
  • Use your guests to promote your podcast. Send them an email with links to the podcast and some promotional artwork that they can use on their social media channels.
  • Email automation: WordPress RSS feed & Mailchimp automation to send out emails to your contact database.

Monetizing your podcast

  • You can look out for Advertising & Sponsorship opportunities
  • Draft a sample letter to advertiser / sponsor before recording the episode with a topic in mind.
  • Use affiliate marketing
  • Sell your own products / services – Like I sometimes shamelessly promote Briefkase.in – my digital marketing agency co-founded with Purab



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