The Definitive Website Audit Checklist

Thinking of redesigning your website ? Not sure where to start with ? Conduct a comperehensive audit of your website by taking a print of this page. Mark each check list item with the scoring guide below:

1 = Audit recommendation does not exist on the website

2 = Audit recommendation exists, but needs update / change

3 = Audit recommendation has already been implemented in the most optimized state


Here is the most definitive Website Audit Checklist that will help you objectively gauge your website and plan on a redesign:

1. Company Information


2. Customer Help


3. Product / Services


4. Resources


5. Contact Info / Media Relations


Apart from the above listed content marketing aspects of a website, it is important to conduct a technical audit of the website. Some audit parameters that we should consider are:

6. Accessibility Across Devices


7. On-page Optimization (SEO) 


Now that you have completed a site audit, lets see what your score means to you (or your website):

Score > 110 : Your website is firing on almost all cylinders. You just need to up your game a bit.

75 < Score < <110 : Don’t let your website be an average Joe. Time to get cranking up on some website action items

Score < 75 : Your website seems to be stuck in the 90’s. You need to reboot it. Get the engines cranking and think about a redesign.

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