Top 5 Browser plugins for SEO

For a SEO practitioner, it is difficult to get your job done without the right access to tools & resources.  There are a number of paid tools available like Moz, Majestic SEO, SEM Rush which do a pretty good job with giving you all the analysis & insights related to organic traffic / SEO improvements.

Most SEO’s overlook free tools and plugins available.  Here is a list of “Top 5 browser plugins for SEO” that I have compiled.

1. YSlow

The YSlow plugin is used to grade the web page you are on based on its speed performance. It gives you a grade from A-F on every aspect of the page including page content, CSS, images, JavaScript, cookies, server details enabling you to find the technical issues with your website.





2. MozBar

The MozBar plugin is developed by my favorite go-to SEO site: The plugin is available for Chrome & Firefox.


It checks the following aspects on your web page:

On-Page Elements – An overview of your site structure & on-page elements such as URL, Page Title, Meta Description, Meta Keywords and H1.

General Attributes – Information about canonical tags, page load time, Google Cache URL, the IP address and the country the website is hosted in.

Link Metrics – These are metrics from Moz, which has its own crawler. Some of the metrics are Page Authority, Domain Authority, External Followed Links (Majestic / Ahrefs are better), Linking Root Domains, Moz Rank and Moz Trust.

Markup – Whether the page uses, Open Graph Protocol, Twitter Cards and Microformats. It does not check whether microformats / schema are actually implemented on the page, which is a downer ;(

Http Status – This simply just defines the status code of the page you’re on.




3. Meta SEO Inspector

Meta SEO Inspector pulls data from the web page source and shows it visually. You can quickly identify Meta issues, rich snippets, twitter cards, open graphs, scripts and HTML tags in the “page data” section and on top of this you can also analyse the URL you are currently on through a list of tools and debuggers in the “on-line tools” section.



4. SEOQuake

SeoQuake is Chrome SEO extension aimed primarily at helping web masters who want obtain and investigate many important SEO parameters of the internet project under study on the fly, save them for future work, compare them with the results, obtained for other, competitive projects.



5. Chrome DevTools

Most developers & designers are using this. The DevTools from Chrome has become integral to rapid web development & testing. SEO’s can use the Dev Tools to spoof user-agents (view the website on different devices / screen sizes) and check responsiveness / mobile compatability of web pages, a critical ranking factor on Google.


Just right click on a page, and click on Inspect Element!


With these Browser plugins for SEO, several tasks can be simplifiedand research / analysis made easier.

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