The Future of Search – Three Major Developments

Over the last two decades, Search has evolved by leaps & bounds. From Yahoo! Directory, Lycos, Altavista to the present day Google which processes 5 Billion + search queries daily, we have come a long way!  There are 3 major developments which need to be called out:

    1. Google Freshness / Caffeine update:  Google’s web indexing system got an update in 2010 and it started serving 50 percent fresher results for web searches than their last index. This was necessary to match search queries related to current events and news (1/3rd of all search queries fall into this category i.e. ~1.6 Billion searches daily)caffeine-update
    2. Natural Language Processing:  Answering questions has been a huge challenge for Search engines. To be able to answer questions, one has to understand and process natural language. And its about identifying entities. Search engines want to answer the most common questions regarding entities right away using their knowledge graph. Both Google & Bing have taken big strides in this direction.flipkart-entity katrina-kaif-entitybing-knowledge-graph
    3. Structured Data: Google’s mission has always been to “organize all content on the web”., a collaborative community sponsored by Google, Microsoft, Yahoo and Yandex have developed a shared vocabulry to define content for search engine crawlers. Most search engines are now rewarding web masters and developers who use structured schema / rich snippets to define web content with better rankings on search recipe-snippet

In the next blog, we will talk about 5 key takeaways for Search Marketers in context of “The Future of Search”.

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