Marketing to the Youth

Youth are the future, and the present of India’s digital revolution.  India has an Internet population of 66 Million, out of which 23.5 Million (35.7%) are youth (Age 15 to 24). That’s more than one out of every three internet users in India. Also, this tribe has grown by 54.5% since September 2011.


Most companies / brands in India have taken notice of this statistic and have tailored their offerings to tap the growing market. From offering a ‘pay cash on delivery’ online shopping experience (Most youth do not have a credit / debit card / bank account till they get their first job) to targeted product bundling, brands seem to have gone the full distance to woo the Gen X.

Let’s understand the online and mobile behaviour of these digital nomads.


There is no surprise that Indian youth are heavy Social media users. It is accentuated by the fact that on a daily basis the youth spend on an average of 24.3 minutes on social media – and (a social community for downloading wallpapers and ringtones for mobile phones) top the charts with an average of 29.7 and 9.1 minutes spent respectively on a usage day. Other categories of high engagement include Entertainment and Multimedia.

Airtel has neatly integrated its ‘Download ringtones’ (hellotunes) messaging on, for every song that you play.

Meanwhile, Coca Cola has united more than 1.5 million music lovers on its Coke Studio facebook page –


Retail is a different ball game.  Those offering cash on delivery option for online purchases find favour with the youth. Also, Apple & Samsung are the only brands that make to the top 10 list of retail sites – another sign of smart phones being popular with the youth.

To summarize, here are three tips to catch the attention of the youth:

  1. Be Social – Consider relevant social channels based on your audience and communication message. Facebook provides demographic and interest targeting, which can be used to your advantage to precisely target youth with related interests – movies, music, sports etc.
  2. Be where the youth spend most of their time – India’s youth spend most of their internet time on instant messengers. Yahoo messenger, Nimbuzz, Skype and MSN messenger offer various advertising options that can be leveraged to your brands liking.


  1. Think entertainment & multimedia– Offering ringtone downloads of your catchy television commercial or wallpaper downloads for a celebrity that endorses your brand would be tactical move to create brand awareness. One can also target mobile apps and effectively use SMS to target the youth.


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