Feeding Your Content Monster

I woke up today, late. After smashing a few pizza slices yesterday night and having two for breakfast today, I kinda feel good.

Oh wait its 2016. I have made some New Year resolutions. One of which is to be an active blogger and feed the content monster. To feed the monster, I need to first source all the ingredients and compile a good recipe. So I head to IFTTT (If This Then That) and discover this recipe – “RePost Article with Specific Feedly Tag to my Blog #RSS to #WordPress”. Surely, this must be a good way to start feeding the content monster.

In just under 10 minutes, I have managed to put together a list of 28 blogs that I must ready daily (or try to read).


How did I go about this? Simply signup on feedly.com and Search for your favorite blogs or see what thought leaders read. For me, it was just clicking on the Marketing section and then following some blogs authors that I have heard of.



What are you waiting for? It’s 2016 and we live in an age of content marketing. Go feed your content monster.

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